Sunday, January 31, 2016

Our New Fur Baby Zoe

We had a very long two day wait to get our new little fur baby Zoe. She is the best springier, so calm and a sweet little girl. We definitely got a great dog.  
I was a bit worried about the almost two hour drive home with Zoe, but she did great. Once we got a few miles from her home, she started crying a bit. I am sure she knew that we were taking her far away from her mom and all 10 siblings. She didn't cry for long and was easily settled into sleeping and exploring while we drove home. 
The ride home, first car ride.

 Being so good on her car ride home. 

I have a lot of photos of her mom, Ruby. Her father is a famous hunting dog, named Ace from up north. We saw a photo of him and he was a black and white tri springier, a very nice looking dog. 
Its so much fun having a little puppy around the house. She has been pretty easy. Sleeping a lot, playing and going outside. 
Playing ball puppy
Sleepy Puppy
Eating puppy food
More sleepy time..
Just being cute
She was use to being fed outside then going potty right after. We decided to do this when we got home so we didn't make a bunch of changes right away. She loves going outside to explore. 
We knew the first night alone would be tough for her. I stayed down stairs and slept next to her on her first night. She did great. She was use to being with her siblings away from mom at night. She quickly went to sleep at 9pm. We woke up around 2pm or I did and let her outside. We went back to sleep and right when they said the puppies wake up at 5am. There she was all awake and wanting me to get up. 
We did a little yoga together after her breakfast and now she is fast asleep on my lap. I'm taking full advantage of having a small dog now before she is too big to sit on my lap. She will be about 45 pounds and much too big to be a lap dogie. 
We have our walk in closet with a gate across the door for her to stay in while we are gone. Right now we are leaving the gate open and she goes in when ever she is hungry or thirsty. It's right outside after so we avoid any accidents. I puppy proofed our house as much as possible, taking up the rugs and keeping her out of the porch where we have carpeting. 
Steve holding Zoe and three of her siblings.