Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

To the best Papa my kids have.. Happy Father's Day. 
and to my father.. Miss you a bunch and think of you often. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Celina's last day of Middle School

It's hard to believe Celina will be in High School next year. Seems like yesterday she was just starting school.. My beautiful girl... 
 Last day of 8th Grade
First Grade
2nd grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th grade

 6th Grade
 7th Grade
 8th Grade

Last bus ride home from Middle School.. 

8th Graders at the bus stop

Saturday, June 7, 2014

5th Grade Graduation from Elementary School....

Friday, June 6th 2014 was Logan's last day of elementary school. 
Friends since the boys were 2 years old or younger!
All Good Friends.. Kindergarten.. to 5th grade

All the graduating 5th graders at the bus stop. 
The last time they will lay down their backpacks in line for the bus.

The last bus ride as Elementary School Kids.. 

Logan was really happy to end the year...  on to bigger things in Middle School!
And my last baby is growing up too fast for him Mom... 
2008 Logan's first day of Kindergarten

Elementary School Memories....

Logan had an assignment to write a memory from each year of school. 

Kindergarten through 5th Grade Memories
By Logan Nelson

Kindergarten, the leprechaun would tip over desks, chairs and tables

First Grade, the first time I learned about science and math, I loved them.

Second Grade, the time I screamed at my teacher because I didn't want to stay for an after school activity and my parents came late to pick me up.

Third Grade, I want to go back to when I had most of my good friends in class all year with me.

Fourth Grade, I want to go back to the flour mill and bake cookies, experience the tornado room and see how the mill exploded.

Fifth Grade, I want to go back to Skateville and skate away.

This made me wonder if I could recall any memories from each grade level? (My mother didn't believe in getting photos taken every year. I'm missing a lot of grades. Later on, I just paid for it myself just so I didn't have to hold up the NO PHOTO sign in front of my face) 

Preschool - I had my ear pulled by a teacher on the 2nd or 3rd day of school and I never went back. There were too many kids in the play kitchen area and the teacher wanted some of us to play elsewhere. She took it upon herself to remove me by the ear. I was to sit at a table by myself with a wooden yarn ball. 

Kindergarten - The big poster size Alphabet book our teacher would read to us. It was a letter a day along with a story about that letter. 

First Grade - There were five of us sitting at a table with the teacher in the center. She had cut out circles with different colors with the color in black written on it, and she held it by a brown stick. When the teacher asked me "what color is it?". I wasn't sure if she wanted to know the stick color,"Brown" or the circle"Red", or maybe the Word "RED" written in "Black" ink. I remember thinking too long about which color she wanted to know. Guess I took too long and she got mad that I didn't answer quick enough. 

2nd grade- I liked a boy named Eric Marsh. He sat next to me. We'd write each others names all over our homework. 

3rd Grade- My favorite Teacher Mrs. Solen. 

4th grade - Another favorite teacher, Mrs. Wheeler that I would have till 6th grade. 

5th grade - ?

6th grade- Two of my good friends moved to another class.